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Here#39;s a fundamental view on the market from Chandresh Kumar Nigam

Watch the interview of Chandresh Kumar Nigam, MD CEO of Axis Mutual Fund with Sonia Shenoy and Ekta Batra of CNBC-TV18, where he shared his readings and outlook on the fundamentals of the market, and specific stocks and sectors. ...more
2017-12-14   04:34:02 IST

Will see strong inflows into mutual funds for next 2 quarters: UTI MF

2017 has been a blockbuster year for mutual funds. We have seen a lot of inflows and liquidity. CNBC-TV18#39;s Kevin Lee caught up with Leo Puri, MD of UTI MF and asked him about his outlook for the coming year and for the industry going ahead. ...more
2017-12-14   04:34:02 IST

Don’t ignore credit risk; Top four factors to consider before investing in Credit Funds

Looking at the average credit rating exposure of the industry, we observe that the exposure to ‘A and below’ rated securities saw a steady increase up till the end of 2015, when the Amtek Auto incident occurred. ...more
2017-12-14   04:34:02 IST

Interview: UTI AMC#39;s Leo Puri mapping India’s SIP culture

CNBC-TV18 caught up with Leo Puri, MD, UTI AMC to talk about SIP culture and the outlook for the mutual fund industry going forward. ...more
2017-10-24   18:37:01 IST

With lower returns on savings bank account, what are your options?

These funds invest in highly liquid government instruments. You can invest even for a day and get your funds back the next business day ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

Why mutual funds should opt for total return index as benchmark

Total return index captures dividends and show true picture of fund manager’s performance. ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

If overweight, time to book profits says Nilesh Shah of Kotak Mahindra AMC

There seems to be lot of money waiting on the sidelines but when the correction comes and there is negativity around, they may like to time it better, said Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra AMC. ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

Here#39;s a fundamental check on markets by UTI MF#39;s Swati Kulkarni

Watch the interview of Swati Kulkarni of UTI MF with Prashant Nair and Ekta Batra of CNBC-TV18. She shared her reading and outlook on the market. ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

Several new investors entering market, but returns expectations have reduced: Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC

Mahesh Patil of Birla Sun Life believes that the Street currently could be reacting to cues such as higher current account deficit (CAD), pressure on the rupee and developments around fiscal deficit as well. ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

Here is a fundamental view on the market from Sunil Subramaniam

Watch the interview of Sunil Subramaniam, CEO at Sundaram Mutual Fund with Prashant Nair and Ekta Batra on CNBC-TV18, in which he shared his readings and outlook on market and specific stocks. ...more
2017-10-02   18:30:02 IST

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