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Who we are :
A small but dedicated team of news buffs obstinately seeking the best content in the world. What we found with difficulty, we present to you (good old us) by aggregating the best sources of news, pictures, videos and what not. For, we value new and fresh content.

Why we are here?
We love sharing!! It might be as simple as a small idea or a photograph, but if it’s good enough, we want the world to know it to. And somebody has to be there to manage the sharing, and lo we are here.

What we want to do?
Of course we want to change the world. But we also want you to be with us, in every step. When you read from our website, or post your reports, opinions and photographs you become part of us. In a nutshell, we’d love to have the world as a family.

How we want to do it?
We are just one of you with aspiration to be the best. This we’ll do by being impartial and providing the finest and hand-picked content to the user-you. We know that it’ll require hard work and dedication but we don’t know any other way to do it.

Core values

Innovation: We are deeply committed to innovation. We believe, with constant innovation we can command leadership position on what we do.

Quality: Quantity doesn’t interest us at all; but quality does. Be it design, usability, content or any application, we will strive to have quality in everything we lay our hands on.

Partnership: We firmly believe in team work and collaboration. Our collaboration extends beyond the office walls to reach you. We and you together is how we march ahead.

Commitment: If we say, ‘yes’ it remains so. We are committed to provide excellent service to all, our reader and content creator- that’s you, our partners, employees and affiliates.



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