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Hemraj's family may appeal against verdict that set Talwars free

The family of Hemraj, the domestic help at Rajesh and Nupur Talwar's residence who was killed along with their daughter Aarushi Talwar in 2008 may approach the Supreme Court to appeal against the High Court verdict. ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

World's most peaceful countries: Where did M'sia rank?

Here's a look at 50 most peaceful nations of the world, according to the Global Peace Index. ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Photos: Trump’s SecretService in action

The Secret Service detail surrounding President Trump. ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Did you know?It rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn

Think this is just another load of fake news? Think again – all of the following statements are totally true! ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Pak player reports bookie approach

Cricketer in question, currently a part of the ODI series against Sri Lanka, has followed the right procedure, source confirms ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Do you know who discovered MS Dhoni?

<p>Here's a look at all those cricketers who were spotted by past and the present greats of cricket.</p> ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Cricketers and their favourite food

<p>Here are the dishes your favourite cricketers like the most.</p> ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

Buy: Cheap stocks with huge gains

As India is busy celebrating the Diwali weekend, investors remain on a perpetual lookout for opportunities to invest. We bring you 10 stocks between the price range of Rs 100-150 which can return up to 51%. ...more
2017-10-21   22:36:03 IST

WhatsApp addsthis new feature

WhatsApp has come a long way since its launch as just an instant messaging application. The message service's 1.3 billion active monthly users are increasingly depending on the platform to share and communicate. WhatsApp has launched another new feature that enables users to share their live location for certain period of time. According to WhatsApp's official blog, the new update will be pushed out as an update globally for Android and i ...more
2017-10-21   20:37:02 IST

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