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Switzerland voters back govt's plan to replace nuclear power with renewable energy

In a referendum on Sunday, May 21, more than 58% voted in favour of a government's law that will ban new nuclear plants in the country. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Snakes are not lone hunters, they slither in groups to increase success

Researchers from the University of Tennessee (UT) in the US observed the Cuban boa - the island nation's largest native terrestrial predator - in bat caves for the study. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Scientists reveal how planet's biggest animal 'whale' became big

According to new research from scientists, it was only recently in whale's evolutionary past that they became so enormous. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Tree plantation not a substitute to cut CO2 emissions, says study

Plants suck CO2 out of the atmosphere to build their woody roots, stems and leaves. ...more
2017-05-21   20:30:04 IST

SpaceX Dragon becomes the delivery boy; to supply equipment, research to ISS

It will lift into orbit carrying crew supplies, equipment and scientific research to crewmembers aboard the ISS. ...more
2017-05-21   20:30:04 IST

Antarctica is on the verge of turning green, thanks to climate change!

The scientists analysed data for the last 150 years, and found clear evidence of “changepoints” — points in time after which biological activity clearly increased — in the past half century. ...more
2017-05-21   18:30:03 IST

Melting permafrost floods Arctic's doomsday global seed vault entrance!

The Global Seed Vault, opened in 2008, is a concrete bunker, 100 hundred metres deep inside a mountain. The refrigerated unit was designed to be a secure place to store seeds from many of Earth's 3 million known plant species. ...more
2017-05-21   18:30:03 IST

Collection pouch which once held moon samples from Apollo 11 mission to be auctioned!

While there are legal restrictions on sales of material from moon missions, including lunar rocks and dust, it is believed some items have been sold on the black market. ...more
2017-05-21   18:30:03 IST

KalamSat - World's smallest satellite built by Indian teen to be launched by NASA on June 21

Weighing just 0.1kg, the satellite has been built by an Indian teen Rifath Sharook, 12th-grade student from Tamil Nadu’s Pallapatti town. ...more
2017-05-16   20:30:02 IST

SpaceX all set for Falcon 9/Inmarsat-5 F4 satellite launch today

The Inmarsat-5 satellite, weighing in at nearly 13,500 pounds (6,123.4 kgs), atop the rocket, will blast off from SpaceX’s seaside Launch Complex 39A on NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:21 p.m. EDT (or 23:21 UTC) Monday, May 15. ...more
2017-05-16   20:30:02 IST

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