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NASA's Hubble spies on cool galaxy with a hot corona! - See pic

At 150 million light-years from Earth, astronomers highlighted NGC 6753 as one of only two known spiral galaxies that were both massive enough and close enough to permit detailed observations of their coronas.   ...more
2017-09-26   18:30:02 IST

Pence to visit NASA centre building deep space mission rocket

NASA has set its goal of sending humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s.  ...more
2017-09-26   18:30:02 IST

NASA's heartbeat detector helps search for Mexico quake survivors

In tests, FINDER has detected heartbeats through 30 feet of rubble or 20 feet of solid concrete.  ...more
2017-09-26   18:30:02 IST

Australia makes official announcement to establish its own national space agency

The space industry is worth $318 billion annually globally and $3.1 billion in Australia alone. ...more
2017-09-26   18:30:02 IST

Ultra-high energy cosmic rays come from outside our galaxy

Cosmic rays are atomic nuclei that travel through space at speeds close to that of light. ...more
2017-09-24   22:30:03 IST

Mammoth sea turtle washes up on Spain beach, crane called to lift the creature - Watch

Looking at its monstrous size and weight of 200 kilos reportedly, officials present at the spot had to call a crane to move the huge creature away from the beach. ...more
2017-09-24   22:30:03 IST

NASA's asteroid-bound spacecraft slingshots past Earth

NASA`s asteroid sample return spacecraft flew past Earth on Friday on its way to asteroid Bennu, for a rendezvous next August. ...more
2017-09-24   22:30:03 IST

Ageing barn owls do not suffer hearing loss: Study

Humans and other mammals do not have the ability to regenerate sensitive cells inside the ear.  ...more
2017-09-22   22:30:04 IST

Nine-year-old white tiger dies after attack by Bengal tigers in Bengaluru's Biological Park – Watch

While the nine-year-old white tiger, Shreyas, succumbed to his injuries, which were quite severe, the other got away with minor wounds. ...more
2017-09-22   22:30:04 IST

Scientists push for 50 tiny spacecraft to tour 300 asteroids

An infrared spectrometer analyses spectral signatures in light reflected or emitted by the asteroid to determine its mineralogy. ...more
2017-09-22   22:30:04 IST

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